I’m getting a little antsy now it’s 5 days until my due date and I’m still not sure if I’ve had Braxton Hicks. The Doc keeps asking “Have you felt tightening in your stomache?” I would answer “Yes….”

Bear Down Already Will Ya?!

Into 39 Weeks,  unfortunately after my weekly check up it seems that little baby is just too comfortable inside mama’s tummy. It’s true what a lot of mamas been telling me, by the time you are at the end you just want the baby OUT!

My First Post, My First Child

At the age of 33 years, on the 3rd year of my marriage and in the 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy… I decided to rant journal my adventures stepping into motherhood so I can read back in future and laugh at myself and hopefully even appreciate how I have evolved as a person.

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