Last Monday, which was a Public Holiday we decided to have a short family getaway. My brother-in-law suggested a place we had never heard of. In the spirit of family union, we took the plunge and travelled all the way to The Nahara, Kalumpang. We totally LOVE The Nahara. See our extra smiley faces below
Our frozen Pisang Coklat is our best-selling item to date.  We have sold homemade frozen Pisang Coklat for RM10 per pack and RM11 for fried packs since early 2016. Each packet contains 12 ready to fry or ready to eat pieces and are approximately 500 grammes in weight. April 2017 will be the last month to
I had a Seri-free session as she goes out to play with her friend next door. So, I scrambled to log in my blog as I realised it’s already nearing Mid March and the last time I churned out a blog post was January. So feeling like an utter failure for not posting weekly, I ignored my

How To Easily Work From Home With Supahands

I am always looking for ways to work from home and make extra income through online. One that I can use my computer skills with zero cost. I found Supahands accidently whilst googling Malaysian Startups. So I applied after going through their requirements. Here’s my experience so far. SupaAgent Application Process The Be a SupaAgent page states
One week after the Legoland trip, barely recovering from the exhaustion, we were off to our Langkawi  Family Vacation with my parent-in-laws. Preparations for the Ultimate Langkawi Family Vacation  It was a 5 hours drive to Perlis Jetty and 2 hours ferry ride to Langkawi. We departed on Friday and would be returning the next
Dearest Husband took the liberty of arranging an ad-hoc vacation just before our planned 1-week vacation to Langkawi. We’ve never been Legoland since Seri was too small to enjoy it all. At the beginning, I thought she was not at the right age yet to go to Legoland, and it was most likely to rain
I’ve wanted to review about Jungle Gym in Atria as the best indoor playground we’ve been to, since the first time we went, but either didn’t have the energy nor the time to really sit down and hash it out. After the second time going to Jungle Gym, and I find myself wondering if my


Assalammualaikum, Today marks the day of my being a mom for 2 years. Happy Birthday Seri Eiman! Time sure flies fast and into oblivion that I find myself reflecting on what I want to do in life, what I have to do and what I actually can do. With that in mind, I decided to

Finding Time and Finding a Voice

23 days passed without me writing a single posting despite my intention of doing it at least once a week. I would sing bedtime songs for my little Seri and tell myself I would do it right after she falls asleep, then i end up reading stuff and the morning sunshine breaking into our window.

Back from Hiatus

Oh boy, I started this blog thinking I would have ample of time during my confinement to detail out my motherhood experience. I also stocked up on e-books fantasizing leisure reading to my hearts pleasure. Was I dead WRONG. I didn’t even have time to comb my hair (which admittedly i have always been kinda

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