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Thank you for stopping by my humble blog.

I was an event management & television production producer before recently turning into a Work at Home Mother to a 2-year old daughter who constantly keeps me on my toes. Loves watching films, binging on tv series and food when time just happen to fall on my lap.

I’m supposed to figure out a niche for this blog. But I really am not finding success in that area yet. So, at the moment, I’m just winging it till the ‘Aha!’ moment arrives.

Basically, I will update here about our family Vacation, food we explore or make and things I just find interesting at the moment.

There are affiliate links and a page dedicated to selling our products locally. This is because I intend to also learn and make some income from this blog (or die trying!).

I am pretty lucky to have Castiyah assisting me on a daily basis. I have the greatest respect for her and always amazed at her outstanding & sincerity in taking care of our family, whilst she sacrificed by being away from her own family in order to provide for them. I learnt a lot about being a mother and childcare from her too.

Castiyah has spent many years working in Mecca and Alhamdulillah fate has brought her to us to help ease our daily routine.

We are a good combination because she loves to cook and try new recipes, and the rest of us just loves to eat!

And of course, our little family revolves around the Little Miss Muffet Seri Eiman who fills our days with constant joy (and challenges) and hopefully I can share some of that too.

Special shout out goes to my husband Shahril who does all he can and beyond to ensure that we live as a tight family unit, make happy memories as often as we can and always finding ways to improve ourselves.

May we find Barakah in the little daily things that we do. Insya Allah


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